Indian Adornments

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A little more than a year ago, Ben and I visited India for the first time. The reason for our stay was actually a wedding during which I had the chance to discover more about the traditional Indian customs and especially the beautiful jewelry. Back than I promised you a post about Indian Style but never got to it. So, finally, here it is!

What one thinks of first when it comes to Indian jewelry is the massive and opulent gems collected by Maharajahs and Maharanis. Those same gems that the whole of Europe envied, that inspired the Tutti Frutti collections and that are still some of the most amazing gems known today. But the beauty of a gem is just as important as how it is worn, and Indian women definitely know how to wear their jewels in the most fantastic manners.

Portrait of Rani Jindan Singh by George Richmond

Look at the beautiful Maharani Jind Kaur! Isn’t she amazing? What appears to me in this painting after the striking serene force of Rani Jindan, is truly the art of adorning… I think Karl Lagarfeld translated this quite well in Chanel’s pre Fall Paris-Bombai Collection last December.

View the complete collection and details here and here.

I must admit the reason why I only write this post now is because I have waited a long time for an Indian jeweler to wow me… And just today (a thousand years after everyone else…) I discovered Amrapali which apparently isn’t only worn by all of Bollywood but the rest of the world too!

Mughal-inspired Gold and Diamond Peacock Bangle, Amrapali

I can’t wait to see more of Amrapali. The name is, by the way, borrowed from a woman of extraordinary beauty who lived in ancient India. Read more about her story here.

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I love Privé Jewellery Hand Bracelets. Naturally all gold and diamonds…

Images: Privé Jewellery

Lovely Denise!

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I already wrote about my love hate feelings for plastic some time ago, before I fount myself facing a new conflict: Denise Julia Reytan‘s Fashion and Art Jewelry! Again, I love natural/artificial mix…

1. Mare Tenere 2010: Amethyst, Amazonit, Rose Quartz, Plastic, Brush, etc… 2. Bonnie 2010: Onyx, Coral, Plastic, Rope, Silicone, etc…

Images: Denise J. Reytan

The 1932 Collection

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Étoile Filante Head Jewel

In celebration of the 80st anniversary of Coco’s very first Fine Jewelry Collection “Bijoux de Diamants”, the emblematic house created a collection of 80 unique pieces which will be shown during the Couture Week in July. In the mean time, Chanel decided to let us admire nine beautiful pieces all inspired by their famous Comète, all in diamonds and white gold. Pearls naturally make an appearance, what would Chanel be without its pearls after all! Although this time they are real

Étoile Filante Necklace – the star is a brooch
Cosmos Ring
Céleste Brooch
Etoile Ring
Étoile Filante Earrings
Cosmos Watch

Étoile Ring


Étoile Filante Bracelet


A Ring By Elise

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But which one…

Elise Dray 1.Bague Hibou R1895 Black diamonds, rubies and onyx set in black gold 2. Bague Lion R2030 Brown, Grey and Black diamonds set in yellow gold 3. Bague Aigle R1472 Black and White diamonds set in white gold

Images: Elise Dray

The Signet Ring: Giovanna vs. The English Gentleman

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Painting of an English Gentleman by Hans Eworth in 1546 and picture of Giovanna Battaglia by Garance Doré

I think it is rather fun to see more “fashionable” variations of the signet ring than the traditional coat of arms! What do you think: Tradition or Reinvention???

The Queen Cake

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You might have heard about it: The Meurice pastry chef, Camille Lesecq, had the wonderful idea to hide Tiffany Keys in this year’s King Cakes, well Queen Cakes might be more appropriate. So my mother and I  went last week in the hope to be lucky… The cake was fantastic!

And I had hope until the last bite… but I wasn’t the Queen this year. I wonder what will be hidden next year.. If you wish, you still have 4 days to try finding a key. Even if you don’t find one it still is very much worth it: the cake is soooooooo good!

Tiffany Keys octet key pendant in 18kt yellow gold

Pitctures: Like a b and mine

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