The Queen Cake

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You might have heard about it: The Meurice pastry chef, Camille Lesecq, had the wonderful idea to hide Tiffany Keys in this year’s King Cakes, well Queen Cakes might be more appropriate. So my mother and I  went last week in the hope to be lucky… The cake was fantastic!

And I had hope until the last bite… but I wasn’t the Queen this year. I wonder what will be hidden next year.. If you wish, you still have 4 days to try finding a key. Even if you don’t find one it still is very much worth it: the cake is soooooooo good!

Tiffany Keys octet key pendant in 18kt yellow gold

Pitctures: Like a b and mine


An Indian Wedding

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Have you already been to an Indian wedding? If you are for the first time, make sure you know what you are invited to exactly because in India, weddings last about a week…

The many many prayers, ceremonies and receptions give you time to admire the beautiful outfits and jewelry people wear. If I were to give prizes for the best looks on THE actual wedding night here would be my winners

1. The lovely Bride

.              2. The Bride’s lovely Sister  3. The Bride’s lovely Cousin

Women wore loads of jewelry, which is nice for a change. In India a woman without gold is no woman… Well, almost ;)

My conclusion about these 2 weeks in India: I love the Indian Style ; I became highly addicted to Indian sweet pastry  ; and I have to go again, there are so many things I couldn’t see…

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Guess Where I Was!

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From my last post you already know it’s in India… So have you guessed now???


The Golden Temple! Last week we went to Amritsar to visit the Golden Temple. It was such an incredible experience. And because it was my favorite part of these two weeks in India, this is my first “Indian” post. Coming next an Indian Wedding!

Lake Constance

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I was near the Lake Constance last week, unfortunately not for Jewelry matters, however here is a picture of the Lake. I am flying to India tomorrow and will be staying there 2 weeks. Hopefully I will have a good access to internet. If not I’ll still take hundreds of pictures to share when I am back. See you soon. xxx Charlotte

Guess where I was Yesterday Afternoon…

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Ok ok! So, have you guessed? No? Maybe the next picture will help.

Yes, it’s the Place Vendôme! Yesterday, we visited my brother in Paris for his birthday. After my boyfriend and I went window shopping the afternoon, we all had a really nice dinner Chez Chartier. It was great. I  miss Paris sometimes…

Pictures: Mine

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