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I love PrivĂ© Jewellery Hand Bracelets. Naturally all gold and diamonds…

Images: Privé Jewellery


Ode To Chopard

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Of all jewels Chopard covered Canne’s red carpets with last May, this platinum and diamond necklace with an 80-carat pear-shaped brown-yellow diamond pendant was the one that impressed me most. So simple yet so magnificent. Can you remember it? It was worn perfectly by Alexa Chung over a lovely white dress. Fancy brown diamonds aren’t usually the most sought after diamonds. With this necklace, Chopard reminded everyone how beautiful they can be, especially when they weigh about 80cts

For The Hopeless Romantic…

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Don’t you think charm bracelets are the most sentimental of all jewels? By sentimental I mean reflecting the sentimental personality of the one wearing it, not an symbol of love like the engagement ring. Having a reminder of important moments, people you love, a whole life really… I don’t have a charm bracelet but it is my latest obsession. I like jewelry that has a meaning, a story, that symbolizes, because in many ways it brings strength. I find the following Liz Taylor and Duchess of Windsor charm bracelets quite inspiring…

Liz Taylor’s Charm Bracelet which will be auctioned at Christie’s New York this December
Duchess Of Windsor’s Charm Bracelet auctioned in November 2010 at Sotheby’s London
Elizabeth Taylor’s Charm Necklace which will be auctioned at Christie’s New York this December

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Harry’s New York

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Skyscraper by Harry Winston, Cabochon Sapphire and Diamond Ring from the New York Collection

You probably already have seen this ring many times. The first time I saw it, I wasn’t so sure about the cushion-cut cabochon “sugarloaf” shape of the sapphire, but I really grew fond of it with time. Cabochons* are so often underestimated. In this Skyscraper Ring, the very modern and simple perspective of the gem allows a particularly interesting view “inside” the sapphire, which I must say is a gem full of wonders when you look at it more carefully with a loupe… It sounds a little nerdy, but you’d be amazed… Maybe I’ll write a post about Sapphire inclusions one day!

* gems that are polished but not faceted – different types of cabochon exist

Picture: Harry Winston

Just Gorgeous!

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Tiffany & Co

I don’t know when where nor for whom this was made, not even sure what it is, just that it’s from Tiffany’s and I can’t stop thinking about it since I saw it.

Picture: Vogue.it

Anyone Of These!

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In my Dream Jewelry Box, I would love anyone of these David Webb bracelets. They are all so beautiful and in my opinion, a true jewelry collector really should have a David Webb bracelet in her/his possession!

1. Left: Ram bracelet in black enamel, yellow gold, platinum, diamonds and rubies ; Right: Carved coral bull bracelet, in yellow gold, platinum, diamonds and emeralds. 2. Left: Giraffe bracelet, in cream and brown enamel, yellow gold, platinum, diamonds and emeralds ; Right: Carved azurite horse bracelet in yellow gold, platinum, diamonds and rubies.3. Left: Dinosaur bracelet in textured yellow gold, platinum, diamonds, emeralds and sapphires ; Right: Carved Azurite elephant bracelet in yellow gold, platinum, diamonds and rubies.

Pictures: David Webb

I Just Can’t Stop Thinking About Them!

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Bvlgari will always amaze me. I love the art deco inspiration and the simple spiral-like structure that completely contradicts it. I love that they seem so light, that they are both classical and modern but really just sublime. I find them beautiful.

Picture Style.com

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