The Bow-Tie Effect

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So here’s a little note for those interested in buying a diamond, more particularly a pear shape diamond. (The case is also true for marquise, oval or a heart). The pear shape is what one calls a modified brilliant, which means its design derives from the famous round brilliant cut.

Thus, if perfectly executed, the pear shape will have extreme brilliance and fire. Imprecise proportions can affect the beauty of the diamond by creating a Bow-Tie Effect, a strong shadow at the center of the diamond in the form of a bow-tie. Even though a small shadow, usually called low brilliance zone, is unavoidable ; this is what you want to avoid:

This picture shows an example of a stronger bow-tie effect caused by a too deep pavilion (the back side of a diamond): the deeper the pavilion, the stronger the low brilliance zone.


Go Get Polished!!!

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In my last diamond post, I told you that we had decided to let a few of our diamonds polished. Here are the selected ones:

1                                      2                                         3                                      4

As you can see the first was marked by the polisher, Sylvain Mayer one of the few  last polishers in Antwerp. The reason why it was marked in two different colors is that there were two possible cuts for this stone, oval and pear! I haven’t got a picture of if it yet but here are 2, 3 and 4 or like I call them John, Carla and  Dimitri, just kidding… They are unfinished of course:

It is so very exciting to let diamonds polished, because despite all the technology one has invented, there is always a little bit of a surprise in the end. Probably, at the end of next week Sylvain will have finished them. I can’t wait!!!

Sylvain does the most amazing job! Combining his knowledge, his craftsmanship and technology, he thoroughly examines the diamond in its rough form. The visionary craftsman then carefully shapes the diamond into its utmost splendor, thereby revealing its soul.

Sierra Leone

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Here are a few pictures my boyfriend took in Sierra Leone. Sierra Leone, as you may know is extremely rich in mineral resources. The country is also known to have the most beautiful diamonds.

Many diamonds traveled to Freetown and came through the office’s door in the hopes to find a buyer. People would also bring gold sometimes… one never knows ;)

Some of the diamonds were incredible. Diamonds of these sizes are very rare. The biggest one is a 38 carat diamond. It’s enormous. Have a closer look:

The price was ridiculously high too. Our parcels are more modest but none the less count very beautiful diamonds. One of those I have already shown you in my Siamese Twin Diamonds (yes I know it’s a silly post title…) So, here come pictures:

Prices in Sierra Leone are high, therefore a few of these diamonds will be polished. So the good news is that I’ll  soon be able to show you what the diamonds become. Very exciting, I can’t wait to see what is hiding inside!

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Siamese Twin Diamonds

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When one hears rough diamond, one immediately thinks of a beautiful perfect octahedron without a scratch or a breach. Truth is most are not, and this is not a bad thing otherwise I couldn’t show you this 8 carat marvel of nature.

This diamond will probably become a 3 carat color G and clarity SI1, once it will be polished into a pear shape. So its particularity does not lie in its quality, but in how it formed. If you look closely at the two last pictures (click on the picture to enlarge), you may notice that this diamond is actually two diamonds grown into each other. It reminds Siamese twins, don’t you think?

Pictures: Mine

My Little Diamond Museum

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Yesterday was MuseumNight in Antwerp. I moved to Antwerp a few weeks ago and must say with guilt and shame that I still hadn’t been to the diamond museum before yesterday. So I was really excited at the idea of finally seeing what was hidden in there, and sadly I must say that it was a disappointment. It really is a pity to waste an amazing subject like diamonds especially in Antwerp, a diamond capital! There was an effort for children’s amusement and the jewelry expositions could be great, especially the part on Flemish Hearts (the subject is interesting and a lot of nice pieces  were exposed, see the picture).

Also there definitely was a lot to show, the diamond museum clearly isn’t poor in elements to expose but overall I found that it was messy and lacked creativity. The world of diamonds is a very complex one and reaches many areas; which makes it difficult to present concisely. But nothing is impossible and where there is a problem, there also are several solutions!

So I started thinking about how one could make learning about diamonds a nicer experience. My partner and I are in the diamond business. Since we come across many diamonds and we see how things are done from the inside, I thought I could share some pictures and experiences with you when something interesting happens. The world of diamonds is fantastic and really should not be so guarded and secretive! Therefore, I created this new category My little Diamond Museum and I hope you will enjoy it.

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