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Sophia Loren

Glamor is also wearing your nice jewelry at home. There shouldn’t have to be a special occasion for jewelry, don’t you think? What is your definition of glamor?


“We Need Armor”

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“As I grew older and went out into the world, I realized that actually it wasn’t a very friendly place to be in and I thought… we need armor!” I really admire Daphne Guinness’ style, the fact that she is a true collector, her creativity. Her sense of humor too. And, more especially, I love how she uses her jewelry to, as she puts it, “look a little bit more frightening”… As if she were hiding behind this concept of armor when in fact she creates it.


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Jewelry Icon Maria Callas as Turandot

Can you answer Turandot’s riddles? Her first question is: what is born each night and dies each dawn? Then: what flickers red and warm like a flame, yet is not fire? At last: what is like ice but burns?

Picture: Google Images. Click the link above to listen to La Callas singing Puccini’s last opera.

Big Girls Need Big Diamonds

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The only word she knows in Italian is Bvlgari” R. Burton

Elizabeth Taylor Wearing Bulgari jewels

Elizabeth Taylor is undeniably one of the most fantastic jewelry icons history has known. I love her because she knew how to have fun with her jewels and because she lived her life!

Pictures: Google Images

Liquid Silver Strands

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I adore this picture of Marlene Dietrich. Did you know that Liquid Silver actually is American Indian Jewelry? Liquid Silver is composed of strands that look so sleek and supple that one would think it is almost liquid, thus the name. In fact, those strands are made of tiny elongated sterling silver beads and because they are arranged really tightly together, the illusion of one single undulating silver strand is almost perfect.

Picture: Stirred, Straight Up, With a Twist (great blog)

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