Magic Mirror On The Wall, Who Is The Fairest Of Them All?

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Photos by Peter Lippmann for Marie Claire 2


Lovely Denise!

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I already wrote about my love hate feelings for plastic some time ago, before I fount myself facing a new conflict: Denise Julia Reytan‘s Fashion and Art Jewelry! Again, I love natural/artificial mix…

1. Mare Tenere 2010: Amethyst, Amazonit, Rose Quartz, Plastic, Brush, etc… 2. Bonnie 2010: Onyx, Coral, Plastic, Rope, Silicone, etc…

Images: Denise J. Reytan

The Egg Jewels

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In 2009, almost a century after the Russian Revolution, the iconic jewelry brand Fabergé was re-launched with its three beautiful Les Fabuleuses de Fabergé Collections created under the direction of Katharina Flohr. Fabergé was truly reborn this summer, when the first of Les Fameux de Fabergé high jewelry egg pendants were launched in Paris, during Couture Week. The icon is back and ready to conquer with its exquisite jewels especially Les Frissons de Fabergé fine jewelry egg pendants collection!

Oeuf Ballet Russe Aurora white gold set with shades of pink sapphires and white diamonds €13239.60 / $18,700.00 – Oeuf Spirale Exhubérance set in 18-karat yellow gold with 266 rubies, sapphires, tsavorites, violet, pink, orange and yellow sapphires and diamonds totalling 2.28 carats €15788.40 / $22,300.00 – Oeuf Impératrice Vert set in 18-karat blackened white gold and features 291 tsavorites totalling 2.32 carats €15009.60 / $21,200.00 – Oeuf Matelassé Diamant Or Blanc set in 18-karat white gold and features 43 white diamonds totalling 0.97 carats €6159.60 / $8,700.00

Pictures: Fabergé

Materials, Design & Function

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An artist jeweler based in Chicago named Gillion Carrara I recently discovered, creates the most amazing pieces. I really appreciate when jewelers think of their work as a whole. The problem with art jewelry is that if it becomes too conceptual it often will be unwearable. Carrara tells us “My work explores the relationship between materials, design and function.” Isn’t that exactly what jewelry is all about?

Pictures:Gillion Carrara

For Women Warrior

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I was going show you Jessica McCormack‘s latest collection New Jewels today, but while I was revisiting all her previous collections I remembered how much I LOVED her earrings. These are the words that keep coming up to my mind when I see them: Glorious ; Strong ; Hunter Warrior ; Tribal too but Urban, definitely Feminine…

They probably are those of a Modern and Glamorous Woman Warrior – that completely makes sense to me… They are my latest obsession! See for yourself the selection of my favorite JMC earrings and tell me what you think.

Heart and Bow Diamond Earrings from the New Jewels Collection ; Paris from the Jewels Of The Urban Night Collection ; Smoke Rings from the Select Collection ; BT Tower from the Jewels Of The Urban Night Collection ; Lucky Strike from the Select Collection ; Smoke Ring from the New Jewels Collection.

Pictures: Jessica McCormack

An Eye For Details

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I love Jessica Craig Martin‘s focus on jewelry details.

Pictures: Jessica Craig Martin

Here’s For Flowers!

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“The most beautiful things in life are children and flowers” that’s what a rather interesting lady told me Sunday. I was impressed by her clear mind and wonderful view of life. I do not have children, but I love them and am looking forward to becoming a mother one day. Flowers however always surround me and I thought why not dedicate a post to them. In When Jewelry Became Art I wrote about a period in history in which, I believe, nature was most beautifully represented. A very famous jeweler and artist of the same time was René Lalique. See for yourself the delicate Art Nouveau hair comb:

René Lalique’s Orchid Diadem – ca. 1903-1904 – ivory, horn, gold, topaz

It would look wonderful in a giant Carrie Bradshaw bun, slightly on the side maybe.. Don’t you think? To conclude, here’s a Chinese proverb I like: When you have only two pennies left in the world, buy a loaf of bread with one, and a lily with the other.

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