The Signet Ring: Giovanna vs. The English Gentleman

25.01.2012 § 4 Comments

Painting of an English Gentleman by Hans Eworth in 1546 and picture of Giovanna Battaglia by Garance Doré

I think it is rather fun to see more “fashionable” variations of the signet ring than the traditional coat of arms! What do you think: Tradition or Reinvention???


The Queen Cake

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You might have heard about it: The Meurice pastry chef, Camille Lesecq, had the wonderful idea to hide Tiffany Keys in this year’s King Cakes, well Queen Cakes might be more appropriate. So my mother and I  went last week in the hope to be lucky… The cake was fantastic!

And I had hope until the last bite… but I wasn’t the Queen this year. I wonder what will be hidden next year.. If you wish, you still have 4 days to try finding a key. Even if you don’t find one it still is very much worth it: the cake is soooooooo good!

Tiffany Keys octet key pendant in 18kt yellow gold

Pitctures: Like a b and mine

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