Tiffany’s Christmas Windows

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This year my favorite Christmas Windows are on the very famous 727 5th Avenue! Tiffany & Co did an amazing installation this year with adorable carousel animals that escaped to deliver Christmas presents in New York. I hope they’ll come to Europe too…

Merry Christmas!

xxx Charlotte

Pictures: Google Images


Jeweled by eBay!

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Here are my eBay Victorian Jewelry finds via the Collectors Weekly fine jewelry section!

eBay Seller’s Description: Antique Victorian amazing HUGE amethyst ring: The ring dates in my opinion to c1860. The ring is set in 18ct gold (stamped) & the amethyst measures 25mmx19mm, I am unsure of the carat weight of the amethyst but it is at least 10 carats. The cental 18ct gold setting measures 15mmx12mm with x7 rose cut diamonds (tested). Complete Description
eBay Seller’s Description: This is an antique mourning bracelet which is made from vulcanite panels threaded on elastic to fit most wrist sizes. the centre panel is large and features a lily-of-the-valley design in high relief. It measures 4cms by 3.5cms. The rest of the panels are 3.5cms wide. The bracelet is in good vintage condition. Complete Descritpion
eBay Seller’s Descritpion:  Offered is this special lava cameo bracelet from the Victorian Period. Assuredly, it was made in Italy during the heyday of the findings of Pompeii and the tourists’ interest in such sites. The bracelet consists of seven (7) links, each of which has a finely carved lava cameo of a woman.  They are all different and all are very pretty and detailed.  The metal is likely a nickel silver or up to 800 silver content.  Each cameo is brodered with silver.  The cameos are of good size and phenomenal detail.  It is all original. Measurments:  Each cameo measures 7/8″ by 7/8″.  The bracelet has a total length of 7-1/2″ long. Condition: Very good and all original; crisp detail. Age: 1870’s. Complete Description
eBay Seller’s Descritpion: A beautiful pair of gilt earrings which date in my opinion to early 19th century, they are no later because of the stamped embossed detail, they have screw backs which I think are a later addition. They measure 55mmx17mm to the longest & widest points. These earrings were bought as part of a collection recently of Georgian & Victorian Jewellery & these are late Georgian or at the latest early Victorian. A pretty pair of earrings to collect & wear. Complete Description

Pictures: eBay

A Sunburst For The Hair

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Jackie Kennedy wearing a sunburst ornament bought from Wartski in her hair
Elizabeth Taylor in Cleopatra wearing a Sunburst jewel in her hair
Helen of Albany wearing a Sunburst jewel in her coiffure
Kate Hudson wearing a Sunburst jewel in her hair for the MET Ball 2011


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“Diamants Noirs” Mask headband in blackened gold and black diamonds – 27.76 carats, by Louis Vuitton for the AW 2011 Louis Vuitton show

Trapiche Emeralds

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Mysterious and rather unknown, the peculiar beauty of Trapiche Emeralds lies in their accidental and rare occurrence. Only found occasionally in certain emerald mines in Chivor and Gachalá, Columbia, fine quality trapiche emeralds are very valued.

Trapiche emerald with a beautiful hexagonal shape core at its center and a fine yellowish green color.

The Spanish speakers may know this: the name Trapiche is the Spanish word attributed to the wheels used for milling sugarcane (see the picture below). In gemology, “trapiche” designates the appearance of certain gems resembling these wheels. A quality trapiche emerald presents little inclusions, a well formed hexagonal core and a fine yellowish green color typical for this region of Columbia. The most beautiful trapiche emeralds have been known to come from the Gachalá mine.

This unique trapiche appearance is caused by a very unusual interruption of the crystallization during the formation of an emerald, forcing the emerald to crystallize in two stages: the first where the central hexagonal core is formed, and after an interruption causing a crust to cover the crystal faces, the second stage where crystallization continues into a parallel growth of six prism shaped emerald crystals around the initial central crystal.

Ring from the collection of 154 gems bequeathed to the V&A in 1869 by the Reverend Chauncy Hare Townshend

Isn’t it a beautiful gem? Any worthwhile gem collection should have one! I don’t really know any emerald dealer I could recommend for trapiche emeralds but I will definitely be looking for one to set as an E in my acrostic bracelet, no matter how long it will take to find it, so I’ll probably get to write more about it.

Beware not to have trapiche emeralds confused with imitations (usually beryl sliced and polished to be assembled in a trapiche-like manner). Note that corundum (rubies and sapphires) as well as tourmaline can also be trapiche however, because of their trigonal crystal system, their core (if they have one) will have a triangular shape.

Images: Google, V&A Palabraria

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