Jewelry Christmas Gift Ideas For Him&Her

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October isn’t even over yet, but today we ate the first mandarins of the season and they gave me a really strong Christmas feeling.. So I prepared a little list of Jewelry gift ideas for Him&Her. The good thing about jewelry is that it comes at all prices, even diamonds: yes you can buy a diamond for 20$, it’s going to be a really really tiny one but still a diamond.

1. A Charm

Set it on a pretty gold chain for her ; for him a simple and elegant leather band. Lucky, sentimental, spiritual, romantic, remembrance or just funny, charms can be made out of almost any small thing, like an old coin for example.

Anchor Charm by Tiffany’s & Co with round brilliant diamonds in platinum

2. Message Jewelry

Message jewelry, or inspirational jewelry, has become quite trendy in the last years. It is quite versatile: words, names, places, dates, small quotes… ANTYÉ-PARIS specializes personalized message jewels. Her pieces are pretty and for all ages or genders.

Leather bracelet with sterling silver personalized medallion by ANTYÉ-PARIS

3. A Diamond

Diamonds come in all prices, shapes, sizes and colors. My only advise is to look for a diamond dealer with a good reputation and to learn the basics of diamond grading before buying. If you are in Europe, you are very welcome to visit us at VHENY Diamonds in Antwerp.

5.30 cts Fancy Brownish Yellow Cushion Diamond we had at the office

4. A Precious Object

Mystery clocks, intaglio gem seals, precious jewelry boxes, beautiful pens, carved gem bookends, silverware, the list is endless…

Chimera Mystery Clock, Cartier New York, 1926 in Gold, platinum with Citrine (dial), Agate (Chimera), nephrite (waves), Onyx, Coral, Rose-cut diamonds, Pearls, Emerald cabochons, Red and black enamel

5. An Acrostic Jewel

Who knows acrostic jewels? Acrostic jewels are made of gems, using the first letters of their name to create a word or phrase. It’s creative and always lets one discover beautiful new gemstones. For example: LOVE in blues and greens

Lapis-Lazuli – boulder Opal – Vermarine – Euclase

6. Something Engraved

Engraving always makes a jewel (or an object) more special. Remember the cracker jack prize scene in Breakfast at Tiffany’s?

Pictures: Google Images, ANTYE-PARIS, VHENY Diamonds, Tiffany’s & Co. Video: Youtube

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