Hoop Earrings For The Summer

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Pictures: Vogue.fr & Google Images


Feeling Dreamy Today…

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Bernard Delettrez‘s Articulated Rings With Butterflies in Bronze and Silver

Here’s For Flowers!

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“The most beautiful things in life are children and flowers” that’s what a rather interesting lady told me Sunday. I was impressed by her clear mind and wonderful view of life. I do not have children, but I love them and am looking forward to becoming a mother one day. Flowers however always surround me and I thought why not dedicate a post to them. In When Jewelry Became Art I wrote about a period in history in which, I believe, nature was most beautifully represented. A very famous jeweler and artist of the same time was René Lalique. See for yourself the delicate Art Nouveau hair comb:

René Lalique’s Orchid Diadem – ca. 1903-1904 – ivory, horn, gold, topaz

It would look wonderful in a giant Carrie Bradshaw bun, slightly on the side maybe.. Don’t you think? To conclude, here’s a Chinese proverb I like: When you have only two pennies left in the world, buy a loaf of bread with one, and a lily with the other.

Celebrating Summer

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Classical Jewelry vs. Eccentric Hairstyle is such a perfect combination for an elegant summer party!

Elizabeth Taylor at the masked ball for “Save Venice” in 1967 wearing the magnificent Bvlgari emerald necklace she loved and a very impressive headpiece crafted by Alexandre of Paris.

Pictures: Google Images

Anyone Of These!

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In my Dream Jewelry Box, I would love anyone of these David Webb bracelets. They are all so beautiful and in my opinion, a true jewelry collector really should have a David Webb bracelet in her/his possession!

1. Left: Ram bracelet in black enamel, yellow gold, platinum, diamonds and rubies ; Right: Carved coral bull bracelet, in yellow gold, platinum, diamonds and emeralds. 2. Left: Giraffe bracelet, in cream and brown enamel, yellow gold, platinum, diamonds and emeralds ; Right: Carved azurite horse bracelet in yellow gold, platinum, diamonds and rubies.3. Left: Dinosaur bracelet in textured yellow gold, platinum, diamonds, emeralds and sapphires ; Right: Carved Azurite elephant bracelet in yellow gold, platinum, diamonds and rubies.

Pictures: David Webb


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Jewelry Icon Maria Callas as Turandot

Can you answer Turandot’s riddles? Her first question is: what is born each night and dies each dawn? Then: what flickers red and warm like a flame, yet is not fire? At last: what is like ice but burns?

Picture: Google Images. Click the link above to listen to La Callas singing Puccini’s last opera.

Felines At Christie’s

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A Diamond, Sapphire and Emerald “Panther” Ring by Cartier ; A Multi-Gem, Diamond Enamel and Gold Tiger Bracelet by David Webb

Attention Collectors! Those pretty cats will be for sale next Tuesday at Christie’s in New York. Take a look at the e-catalog to see what else will be auctioned.

Pictures: Christie’s

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