The Bow-Tie Effect

17.05.2011 § 1 Comment

So here’s a little note for those interested in buying a diamond, more particularly a pear shape diamond. (The case is also true for marquise, oval or a heart). The pear shape is what one calls a modified brilliant, which means its design derives from the famous round brilliant cut.

Thus, if perfectly executed, the pear shape will have extreme brilliance and fire. Imprecise proportions can affect the beauty of the diamond by creating a Bow-Tie Effect, a strong shadow at the center of the diamond in the form of a bow-tie. Even though a small shadow, usually called low brilliance zone, is unavoidable ; this is what you want to avoid:

This picture shows an example of a stronger bow-tie effect caused by a too deep pavilion (the back side of a diamond): the deeper the pavilion, the stronger the low brilliance zone.

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