The Brooch Is The Key

01.05.2011 § Leave a comment

Wearing the right jewelry for a wedding is quite a challenge. Hats can be as eccentric as one wants them to be but with too much jewelry, especially in a church, it just feels weird… The line between elegant and uncomfortable is thin. Yes yes, pearls are often the easiest way, but the real trick is the Brooch. The Brooch always nails it! So lets take a look at the lovely brooches worn during the royal wedding.

Queen Elizabeth II wearing Queen Mary’s True Lovers Knot Brooch

Camilla Duchess of Cornwall with charming Four Leaf Diamond Clover Brooches

Queen Margrethe II of Denmark wearing a lovely Daisy Diamond Brooch

Princess Anne wearing what seems to be a romantic Wild Rose Diamond Brooch

Princess Victoria of Sweden wears a Pearl and Diamond Brooch possibly Art Deco

Now Princess Victoria of Sweden proves that brooches are not only meant for mature women. Brooches are too often perceived as old fashioned. A brooch can be the perfect statement for personal style and it can be worn in so many possible ways.

There are exceptions of course who are entitled to a little more bling.  You can enlarge the pictures by clicking on them to see the beautiful emerald and amethysts in more details.

Pictures: Google Images, Youtube Screen Shots,

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