Fan Bing Bing

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I’m probably the last one to write about Cannes and to tell the truth I didn’t think I would but I am still so impressed by how beautiful Fan Bing Bing was on the red carpet that in the end she deserves a post.

Fan Bing Bing in Cartier

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Padparadscha Sapphires

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Padparadscha Sapphires are without a doubt the most exotic of all Sapphires. Wanted by all precious gem collectors and believed to be even rarer than Burma rubies, the beautiful pink orange colored Padparadscha Sapphires are found only in Sri Lanka and Tanzania.

Padparadscha Sapphire with particularly excellent color.

The well educated collectors will know this: the name Padparadscha is a Sinhalese word derived from Sanskrit padmaraga. Mostly translated in the terms: lotus flower, morning flower, protection stone for the kings, hidden light beam or hidden lotus. Padparadscha is used to described the very particular pink-orange color of the original lotus flower, see Varma’s painting below:

Hindu godess Lakshmi by the famous Indian painter Raja Ravi Varma

This unique pink-orange Padparadscha color is caused by a very slight amounts of Chromium, Iron and Vanadium inside the atomic structure of the Sapphire. Unlike the beautiful lotus flowers, a Pardparadscha Sapphire is extremely rare. Even though some Sapphire dealers try to pass off a pink or orange sapphire as a padparadscha, a true padparadscha is a harmonious blend of both colors.

Sunset by Harry Winston, Padparadscha and Diamond Necklace: 17 oval and cushion-cut padparadscha sapphires. 92.96 total carats; 71 baguette diamonds, 20.54 total carats; 18k yellow gold and platinum setting.

As you can see in the fabulous Harry Winston Necklace, a Padparadscha Sapphire can be slightly more pink or slightly more orange but spread in a light, an even tone shows throughout the entire stone and both colors are there. What a wonderful gem. I don’t know many natural Padparadscha dealers but I have seen amazing specimens in Idar-Oberstein when I visited Paul Wild, so maybe this will help those interested in adding a Padparadscha to their collection.

Pictures: The Collector ; Cool Magazine ; Harry Winston.

Who Said Pearls Are For Good Girls II

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Alla Nazimova playing Salomé

See Who Said Pearls Are For Good Girls I

Today’s Mail

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For those who can’t read German, the letter says: “Dear Charlotte, I also took a Miraculous Medal for you in the Rue du Bac. Place it with a safety pin inside your handbag or you coat.” The medal was inside the folded letter under “Kisses, Your Mom” Danke Mami!

Big Girls Need Big Diamonds

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The only word she knows in Italian is Bvlgari” R. Burton

Elizabeth Taylor Wearing Bulgari jewels

Elizabeth Taylor is undeniably one of the most fantastic jewelry icons history has known. I love her because she knew how to have fun with her jewels and because she lived her life!

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Missoni For Toywatch

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Remember the genius ToyWatch dressed by Missoni limited edition watches that came out in November? They would be perfect for the summer, except they are completely out of stock…

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The Bow-Tie Effect

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So here’s a little note for those interested in buying a diamond, more particularly a pear shape diamond. (The case is also true for marquise, oval or a heart). The pear shape is what one calls a modified brilliant, which means its design derives from the famous round brilliant cut.

Thus, if perfectly executed, the pear shape will have extreme brilliance and fire. Imprecise proportions can affect the beauty of the diamond by creating a Bow-Tie Effect, a strong shadow at the center of the diamond in the form of a bow-tie. Even though a small shadow, usually called low brilliance zone, is unavoidable ; this is what you want to avoid:

This picture shows an example of a stronger bow-tie effect caused by a too deep pavilion (the back side of a diamond): the deeper the pavilion, the stronger the low brilliance zone.

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