New Year Demantoïds

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As you may know, the January Birthstones are Garnets. The Garnets group includes incredibly many species and varieties. The most valued of Garnets are Demantoïds!

The inside of a Demantoïd looks like a magical New Year’s Eve fire work. These are actually called horsetail inclusions and are what influence the price of a Demantoïd. The nicer the inclusions are, the more valuable this gem is. The color of a Demantoïd can vary from yellowish green to intensive green to emerald green. They are usually small sized, the biggest reach 3 carats rarely more, and they are really pretty…

Peridot, Seed Pearl and Demantoïd garnet ring sold at Christie’s on the 18 – 19th of December 2008 in
New York, Rockefeller Plaza

When the very first Demantoïds were discovered, in 1853 in the Ural Mountains along the Bobrovka River, their particular green color and diamond-like luster (which inspired the name) became immediately treasured by gem lovers. Peter Carl Fabergé’s use of Demantoïds in his jewelry made it a particularly popular gem until the revolution.

The Fabergé Sadko Sea Horse brooch with “alexandrites, green demantoid garnets, Paraíba tourmalines, tsavorites, shaded with violet sapphires, yellow and violet diamonds wrapped in white diamond seaweed.

When communism has led Demantoïds just like other gems to be forgotten and mines in Russia were closed, the rest of the world had to start searching elsewhere for the “Ural Pearls”. Today Demantoïds are mined in Namibia, California, Italy, China, Korea among few others.

During my gemological studies in Idar Oberstein, I had the opportunity to visit Lind Granat. Among the hundreds of beautiful Rhodoliths, Pyrops, Almandines… so many species and varieties… I was shown some extremely pretty Demantoïds which made me dreamy for the rest of the day!

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