An Indian Wedding

09.12.2010 § 3 Comments

Have you already been to an Indian wedding? If you are for the first time, make sure you know what you are invited to exactly because in India, weddings last about a week…

The many many prayers, ceremonies and receptions give you time to admire the beautiful outfits and jewelry people wear. If I were to give prizes for the best looks on THE actual wedding night here would be my winners

1. The lovely Bride

.              2. The Bride’s lovely Sister  3. The Bride’s lovely Cousin

Women wore loads of jewelry, which is nice for a change. In India a woman without gold is no woman… Well, almost ;)

My conclusion about these 2 weeks in India: I love the Indian Style ; I became highly addicted to Indian sweet pastry  ; and I have to go again, there are so many things I couldn’t see…

Pictures: Mine

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