Jeweled by the Ocean

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Become a real Ocean Creature and collect the wonders of the underwater world. The Ocean has the most fantastic gems to offer. We know so little about it, scientist estimate that only 10% of marine life forms are known… I bet it’s less!

Painting: A Mermaid by John William Waterhouse. Two diamond and tortoise shell hair combs from Sotheby’s and a Coral and pavé diamond crossover ring by Cartier.

“If human beings are not drowned, asked the little mermaid, can they live forever? do they never die as we do here in the sea?” Hans Andersen The Little Mermaid. Like a mermaid adorn yourself with Gifts of the Ocean, Sea Creatures and Wonderful Corals.

Christine von Schönburg

Have a look at this gorgeous Sterling Silver and Brain Coral Ring by Christine von Schönburg! Isn’t it simple & perfect?

Old Prints from Google Images & Stephen Webster Rings from the Jewels Verne Fine Collection

One has to thank Stephen Webster for rocking British fine jewelry with his amazing collection Jewels Verne Fine and his little gems of sea monsters. What a great example of how inspiring the Ocean can be!

Marie Antoinette of France from the Musée Antoine L’Ecuyer probably made by Gautier Dagoty – Sarah Jessica Parker

The Pearl, queen of the ocean, will also add to a powerful and mysterious look!  The tow well known pearl lovers probably are mermaids in soul. Look at how beautifully they wear their pearls! My favorite pearls are the conch pearls. I find them very special!

Pictures: Christine von Schönburg Stephen Webster Google Images

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