Go Get Polished!!!

22.10.2010 § 2 Comments

In my last diamond post, I told you that we had decided to let a few of our diamonds polished. Here are the selected ones:

1                                      2                                         3                                      4

As you can see the first was marked by the polisher, Sylvain Mayer one of the few  last polishers in Antwerp. The reason why it was marked in two different colors is that there were two possible cuts for this stone, oval and pear! I haven’t got a picture of if it yet but here are 2, 3 and 4 or like I call them John, Carla and  Dimitri, just kidding… They are unfinished of course:

It is so very exciting to let diamonds polished, because despite all the technology one has invented, there is always a little bit of a surprise in the end. Probably, at the end of next week Sylvain will have finished them. I can’t wait!!!

Sylvain does the most amazing job! Combining his knowledge, his craftsmanship and technology, he thoroughly examines the diamond in its rough form. The visionary craftsman then carefully shapes the diamond into its utmost splendor, thereby revealing its soul.

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