No Earhuggers…

04.10.2010 § Leave a comment

Today I decided I needed a pair of really beautiful Earhuggers for my Dream Jewelery Box. I started looking for something that had neither a cheap look nor an elf look, although I do find Erickson Beamon’s crystal earhuggers quite fun.

So I was desperately looking for something elegant and original. I went through many many jewelers’ collections, all my jewelry books & magazines, looked on Google, eBay, Etsy.. and here’s what I found

Husam El Odeh, Anni Jürgenson, Repossi

I like what I found but somehow I’m still a little disappointed that there were so few wearable pieces, maybe I just didn’t see the others… I was hoping for an emerald lizards whispering at my ear, beautiful golden leaves that remind the autumn and fantastic gradient diamond stars that would look like a falling star… So here I am with  all those dream ear cuffs that I can find only in my dreams!


Pictures: Husam El Odeh, Anni Jürgenson, Repossi


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