Duchess of Windsor Jewelry Back on Auction

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Twenty three years ago Sotheby’s celebrated the fantastic Jewelry collection of the Duchess and Duke of Windsor during a historical auction at the Hotel Beau Rivage in Geneva. On the 30th of November, this time in London, 20 pieces of the same collection will reappear for an exceptional jewelry sale. Here are my favorite:

The Onyx and Diamond Panther Bracelet, Cartier, Paris, 1952

The Gold, Ruby, Turquoise and Diamond Purse, Van Cleef & Arpels, New York, 1942

Jewels like this Gem-Set and Diamond Cross Bracelet made by Cartier (1934-1944), are the reason why jewelry will never stop amazing me. Each of the eight crosses are inscribed to remind and symbolize important events in Wallis Simpson & Edward VIII life together. And what a life those two had! One way or another we are all in search for beauty, but it is because jewelry always has history and meaning that we give it such importance. Because it is a symbol!

Pictures: www.sothebys.com & Google Images. For those who want to browse all 20 jewels & objects here is the direct link to Sotheby’s : e-catalogue!


Plastic Barock!

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Yes they are a little big and so pretty!! Alidra Alic‘s contemporary collection is amazing. I love that she mixes Silver with Plastic…  I am betraying myself terribly in saying this as I try to avoid plastic as much as possible in my life, but I can’t help it…. Those rings are just gorgeous!

Pictures: http://www.alidraalic.com/

The Marquise Anecdote

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A star in gem shape history, the Navette is mostly known under the name of Marquise Shape. Invented by Louis XV’s jewelers, the shape was inspired by the Marquise de Pompadour. It is said that the King wished the shape to resemble his lover’s smile.

The Marquise Shape is a modified brilliant, which means it is a variation from the round brilliant. Just like the round brilliant, the marquise shape aims for brilliance and fire (=sparkle). Beware when you buy a Marquise shaped gemstone, an imprecise cut can cause a “bow-tie effect”: a very strong shadow in the form of a bow-tie in the table (the largest central facet at the top of the faceted gem).

Pictures: Google Images

Une Vie de Chien!

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Usually when I see a dog wearing costumes, I think « Poor dog! If he knew what he looks like, he would probably want revenge…” But this is just hilarious; whoever jeweled this dog has a good sense of humor!

Picture: www.dailybitsofbeauty.com apparently by Mary Dawalt

Go Get Polished!!!

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In my last diamond post, I told you that we had decided to let a few of our diamonds polished. Here are the selected ones:

1                                      2                                         3                                      4

As you can see the first was marked by the polisher, Sylvain Mayer one of the few  last polishers in Antwerp. The reason why it was marked in two different colors is that there were two possible cuts for this stone, oval and pear! I haven’t got a picture of if it yet but here are 2, 3 and 4 or like I call them John, Carla and  Dimitri, just kidding… They are unfinished of course:

It is so very exciting to let diamonds polished, because despite all the technology one has invented, there is always a little bit of a surprise in the end. Probably, at the end of next week Sylvain will have finished them. I can’t wait!!!

Sylvain does the most amazing job! Combining his knowledge, his craftsmanship and technology, he thoroughly examines the diamond in its rough form. The visionary craftsman then carefully shapes the diamond into its utmost splendor, thereby revealing its soul.

Jeweled Like a Femme Fatale

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Myths and legends often described dangerous women with the power of seduction. Be it in the Bible or on the Silver Screen, they were always there: strong and beautiful!

. ………………………
/. Salome by Lucas Cranach the Elder……………………………………………Oscar de la Renta FW2010

The first thoughts one has about a Femme Fatale are usually: Power, Conspiracy and Murder. So she definitely is a perilous women, and she also has something of a warrior. Look at those Headpieces: don’t they symbolize this dark side of the Femme Fatale perfectly?

. …

……………..Clytemnestra by John Collier                            Musidora                                John Galliano FW2010

The Femme Fatale is also a  Seductress, she can hypnotize her victims. What jewelry does one wear to lead one’s victim astray? Snakes clearly should be an emblem for Femmes Fatales. See Bonnaud’s Salome, she wears them both on her arm and like a crown… she looks so majestic.

Salome by Pierre Bonnaud

………….Valeska Suratt                           Botega Veneta FW2010

Wearing Rings on Every Finger like the beautiful Valeska Suratt does, denotes a very strong feminity too. And if you want the Cleopatra touch, wear Scarabs!

Nita Naldi

The Femme Fatale’s ultimate weapon: Pearls! It’s rather genius actually, pearls symbolize perfection and they give a tone of innocence to the one who wears them! The Femme Fatale definitely Is a Jewelry Icon!

Images: Google Images and Style.com

Save Me Chaumet!

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Tiaras are a dream. They are beautiful, amazing… and unfortunately rather inconvenient! Well, it’s not like you can wear them at the office, except if you have royal authority. And you can’t wear them to the restaurant, not even to parties really, unless you want to look a little pompous…

If like me, you are tired of wearing your tiara in your PJs while eating junk food in front of the TV when no one is there because you’re certainly not going to wait for your wedding to wear it, Chaumet will save you! I get the feeling that not a lot of people do that…  Anyways, thank you Chaumet!

Chaumet, whose specialty as you know are tiaras, has decided to create a new line of “Bijoux de Tête” less princess, more fashion! Here’s a LINK to the video of Chaumet’s show, where you can see the entire line. Isn’t it pretty? This opens the door to many new trends!

Picture: Google Images

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