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If I were in New York today and had a few dollars to spend, I would go to Sotheby’s and bid at the Important Jewels auction. I had a quick look at the e-catalog and here’s what caught my interest:

A pair of 18 karat white gold and diamond hoop earrings, an 18 karat gold and bakelite Cartier clip watch, made in France circa 1935 and platinum, diamond and onyx Tiffany & Co ring circa 1925. Here’s a link to the Sotheby’s e-catalog for those who want to have a look!


Pictures: Sotheby’s


Autumn Is There!

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Autumn has arrived, as always so unexpected and surprising. I don’t know how it is for you but as far as I’m concerned, when seasons start I get these really vivid nature outbursts. The other day, as I took my first autumn deep breath of the year, the one image that came right to my mind was this immense, vibrant and majestic forest of many colors. I could almost feel the humid earth under my feet, and would suddenly feel very small because of the colossal trees in my hallucination-like fantasy. A bit later I remembered this amazing Buccellati Parure I saw in an auction catalog. I made a simplified sketch of it a really long time ago and well, you have to imagine it with gold and diamonds.

Drawing: Mine

A Jewelry Lover’s List of Delights

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Pretty things make me feel good. And I’m not the only one, we all are on a quest for beauty because it amazes us. Any kind can be beautiful: natural, crafted, emotional, sensual or senseless, even related… there are so many really and I will not start a philosophical essay on Beauty, my point is we enjoy it. Pretty things make us feel better. As you may have already noticed, one of my favorite pretty things is Jewels. So here is a list of J-things to do, when comfort is needed:

1. Surfing on Jewelers websites: I love entering in new universes when discovering movie-like collection presentations. Some website are so well done that you feel like you’re falling into a dream.

2. Jewelry Auctions: they are so much fun! If you have not been yet and even if you are not buying, you should go at least once just to feel the thrill of an auction.

3. Reading jewelry magazine, going through jewelry auction catalogs, or simple jewelry catalogs. Yes I know it’s kind of a cliché but it’s so good! If you want to go further in the cliché, add the pot of ice cream!

4. Learning about jewelry history: I always was terrible in history at school and it’s remarkable how one starts remembering things when they are related to what one likes :)

5. Looking into gems: it is just too beautiful, I couldn’t describe it with words. I feel very grateful for working with diamonds; it gives me the opportunity to live my passion everyday.

6. Admiring jewelry icons:  I am still and sometimes have the feeling I will always be in process of finding my style; and jewelry icons are a great inspiration! It’s also nice to just look at someone jeweled with taste.

7. Another thing I adore, is imagining jewelry pieces. Lately, I’ve been trying to figure out what stones I could put in my future acrostic bracelet on which I would like to hide my first name.

8. And last but not least: Blogging! It is very rewarding to blog; I think it’s the sharing part that’s makes it so much worth it.

I hope you enjoyed the list, what is your jewelry lover’s list of delights?

Bvlgari Eccentric Charisma

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Julianne Moore for Bvlgari in Eccentric Charisma is a brilliant idea. When shot by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott, it becomes art. Have a look for yourself.

Can you believe that these shots were censured in Venice? Ridiculous! Actually it’s also sad. For once that marketing is not used to try to make people stupid, it had to be considered by stupid people… These pictures are so detailed and symbolic, it is difficult to understand how someone could only see shame for nudity were there is so much art. Isn’t it beautiful?

Video: Youtube – Images: Google

Nice Shop Window!

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I’ve been slightly obsessed with shop windows lately. I don’t know if you have realized but most of the jewelry shop windows (including some of the big names) are BORING! Often there is no imagination; mostly it is just an unorganized display of things. A shop window is a first impression and any business should be preoccupied with the first impression it gives.

I have lived shortly in London, and one thing I love about London is the staging in shop windows. When you look at into a window, you enter a new world! I got inspired and started working on a few scenes for jewelry shop windows. It is tricky, because when there is a strong scene one does not immediately see the details and jewelry is all about details. Anyways, I haven’t finished yet so I have nothing to show for now, except this shop window I found was nice and creative. If a jewelry shop window you like comes to your mind, please share :)

Pictures: Mine

Guess where I was Yesterday Afternoon…

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Ok ok! So, have you guessed? No? Maybe the next picture will help.

Yes, it’s the Place Vendôme! Yesterday, we visited my brother in Paris for his birthday. After my boyfriend and I went window shopping the afternoon, we all had a really nice dinner Chez Chartier. It was great. I  miss Paris sometimes…

Pictures: Mine

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