My Little Diamond Museum

08.08.2010 § Leave a comment

Yesterday was MuseumNight in Antwerp. I moved to Antwerp a few weeks ago and must say with guilt and shame that I still hadn’t been to the diamond museum before yesterday. So I was really excited at the idea of finally seeing what was hidden in there, and sadly I must say that it was a disappointment. It really is a pity to waste an amazing subject like diamonds especially in Antwerp, a diamond capital! There was an effort for children’s amusement and the jewelry expositions could be great, especially the part on Flemish Hearts (the subject is interesting and a lot of nice pieces  were exposed, see the picture).

Also there definitely was a lot to show, the diamond museum clearly isn’t poor in elements to expose but overall I found that it was messy and lacked creativity. The world of diamonds is a very complex one and reaches many areas; which makes it difficult to present concisely. But nothing is impossible and where there is a problem, there also are several solutions!

So I started thinking about how one could make learning about diamonds a nicer experience. My partner and I are in the diamond business. Since we come across many diamonds and we see how things are done from the inside, I thought I could share some pictures and experiences with you when something interesting happens. The world of diamonds is fantastic and really should not be so guarded and secretive! Therefore, I created this new category My little Diamond Museum and I hope you will enjoy it.

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