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In my Dream Jewelry Box I wish to have this Lotus Between the Finger Ring from Van Cleef & Arpels. Let me explain you the concept: in your Dream Jewelry Box you can have any jewel you can think of as long as you find it beautiful.  A 2finger ring can be tricky but if well chosen it can look amazing. I love VCA for allowing us to choose how to wear a ring.

This Lotus Ring definitely is far beyond the Beautifuls, pfff inventing nouns…As you can see I probably will not find words to describe the very essence of the ring tonight… Except that when I see it, I start dreaming.

PS: My boyfriend just tells me it looks like a key fob… Should I reply?!!

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Siamese Twin Diamonds

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When one hears rough diamond, one immediately thinks of a beautiful perfect octahedron without a scratch or a breach. Truth is most are not, and this is not a bad thing otherwise I couldn’t show you this 8 carat marvel of nature.

This diamond will probably become a 3 carat color G and clarity SI1, once it will be polished into a pear shape. So its particularity does not lie in its quality, but in how it formed. If you look closely at the two last pictures (click on the picture to enlarge), you may notice that this diamond is actually two diamonds grown into each other. It reminds Siamese twins, don’t you think?

Pictures: Mine

My Little Diamond Museum

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Yesterday was MuseumNight in Antwerp. I moved to Antwerp a few weeks ago and must say with guilt and shame that I still hadn’t been to the diamond museum before yesterday. So I was really excited at the idea of finally seeing what was hidden in there, and sadly I must say that it was a disappointment. It really is a pity to waste an amazing subject like diamonds especially in Antwerp, a diamond capital! There was an effort for children’s amusement and the jewelry expositions could be great, especially the part on Flemish Hearts (the subject is interesting and a lot of nice pieces  were exposed, see the picture).

Also there definitely was a lot to show, the diamond museum clearly isn’t poor in elements to expose but overall I found that it was messy and lacked creativity. The world of diamonds is a very complex one and reaches many areas; which makes it difficult to present concisely. But nothing is impossible and where there is a problem, there also are several solutions!

So I started thinking about how one could make learning about diamonds a nicer experience. My partner and I are in the diamond business. Since we come across many diamonds and we see how things are done from the inside, I thought I could share some pictures and experiences with you when something interesting happens. The world of diamonds is fantastic and really should not be so guarded and secretive! Therefore, I created this new category My little Diamond Museum and I hope you will enjoy it.

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When Jewelry became Art!

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Here is my one of my favorite paintings. Sometimes I wish I could be Sandys’ Helen. I envy her beauty and, even more, I envy her Jewelry. Isn’t she perfect? Look at the colors, the balance between natural and crafted, the intelligence and honesty in details! To me, this is really beautiful.

When it comes to Jewelry, my favorite painters definitely are the English Pre-Raphaelites. Among their intentions were: authenticity, imminence of nature, serious and heartfelt meaning and of course aesthetics. Often reflected through the painted jewelry is their influence from Japanese and Oriental Arts. Look closesly at the Jewels on the following pictures.

The Pre-Raphaelite influence on the world of decorative objects was immense and even created a movement: the Arts & Crafts movement. Let us remember that at this period (mid 19th century until beginning 20th century) there was a worldwide growing anti-industrial and anti-massproduction spirit. What the English called Arts & Crafts had several names for similar movements in the rest of the world (the French Art Nouveau, for example). So, really this spirit was very very very global! People wanted a return to genuineness. They wanted unique, hand made, beautiful & intelligent objects. They wanted Art.

Arthur & Georgie Gaskin

Carlo Giuliano

Edith & Nelson Dawon

Edward Everett Oakes

George Hunt

John Paul Cooper

Robert Ashbee

“The aim of the movement was to resuscitate the dead tradition of producing jewels designed and manufactured by the same person or, better, the same artist.” Understanding Jewelry, by Daniela Mascetti & David Benett. At that point, something wonderful happened: Artists became Jewelers. In fact, Jewelry became Art! How relevant is that today? Well, look at today’s artist jewelers and contemporary jewelers! Aren’t they children of this movement?

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Flowers on the Runway

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Women on the Fall/Winter 2010 Runways are strong women. Their Jewelry is made of chains, massive necklaces, and an amazing mix of plenty and heavy… Looking closer, one finds the more romantic & feminine side of power women with still gigantic but somewhat more delicate flowers. Put them everywhere, around your neck or on your hats, your belt, even on your shoes… See the pictures. There is no rule!

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